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K-Link Sling Replacement
K-Link Sling Replacement
K-Link Sling Replacement
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K-Link Sling Replacement

Replacing Damaged Links

When a K-Link sling is shipped back to us by any of our distributors to be repaired or any damaged links to be replaced, it is priority #1 that as soon as we receive the slings in, that they are to be checked thoroughly each and every link.


We will report to our distributor what it would cost for the complete repair before work will be done!

Stitching is to be checked and repaired.


Each link is checked 360 degrees in each axis.


Any cuts on a link, if not cut through both layers of the webbing, can be patched without having to replace the link.


Any links that are cut all the way through the second layer of webbing will be replaced.


Any load capacity tags that can not be clearly readable, we will add a new load tag to the sling.


A proof load test can be conducted on a sling if the customer wishes at an additional charge that would be quoted.

Priority #1 Policy: We will ship out repaired slings within 24 hours from the time we get the go-ahead to repair any slings. Most of the time, any slings received in the morning, will most likely go out the same day. They are put in front of any other slings being made.

You have chosen the most versatile sling in the world and we feel that it is our duty to provide you with full support to get your sling back to you quickly, so you will not loose any time on getting your job done.

Checking each link for any damage.

This link must be replaced because the webbing has been cut through the second layer and you can see the internal white fiber strands. Also, since it was the first link and it has the load tag sewn on it, we put a new load tag on the new replacement link.

This link also has to be replaced because the webbing has been cut through the second layer and you can see the internal white fiber strands.

This link will not have to be replaced because the webbing was not cut through the second layer. It would be optional if you would like to have a patch sewn on as an added protection as seen in the below picture. This is not really needed, just optional.

You can see that both layers of the webbing was cut through and you can see the internal white fiber strands in this KL5 , 30,000 lbs. Working Load Limit K-Link sling. The cost is low to replace the damaged links, than to buy a complete new 12 foot sling.

The stitching was spotted to be a bit frayed, so we re sewed this portion of this link.

The two damaged links were cut out and replaced with two brand new links. You can see the brand new internal fibers.

New tubular webbing was cut to length and sewn around the new wounded links and then prepared for shipping.

New tubular webbing is cut to length by using a hot knife to seal the ends.

A new load tag is sewn on a new length of tubular webbing.

The tubular webbing is then folded around the new internal fibers, causing the webbing
to become a double layer of protection for the internal fiber strands.

Here you can see that two new links were installed, to replace the damaged ones. Also additional Links can be added to a K-Link sling, if at any time you wish to have your sling longer.

Proof load testing is taking the sling to twice it’s working load limit. Proof load testing is conducted at our in house facility and all our testing equipment is sent out to a independent testing laboratory for calibration and certification each year.

The above KL2 Yellow K-Link sling was Load tested to it’s Working Load Limit (W.L.L.) Here showing just above 6,000 lbs. in a vertical pull.

Next, The KL2 Yellow K-Link Sling was then Proof Loaded, which is twice it’s Working Load Limit (W.L.L.) Shown above at just over 12,000 lbs.

This KL2 model K-Link sling is packaged together and a Warning pamphlet is shipped with every sling that leaves our facility.

All repaired K-Link slings are boxed and ready for shipping.
Priority is #1! We can ship out over night next day delivery so you can have your K-Link slings back to you the following day.

K-Link Sling Safety Is #1

Your work surroundings, towing, hanging and lifting requirements always needs to be executed with safety as the #1 priority.

Replace Worn And Broken Links

The most dangerous place to be is within working range of a worn or broken sling that is towing, lifting or hanging heavy weight. CEASE OPERATIONS IMMEDIATELY!

Contact Us To Schedule Repair

Contact us directly to arrange sending your broken/worn K-Link sling(s) in for replacement links and load testing. No other sling in the world can be replaced like a K-Link sling, saving you money in the long-term of business operations and expenses.

Expedited ASAP Back In Safe Working Order

Choose the rate at which your K-Link slings need to be processed back into working order to keep the job site at hand safe overall. We are committed to ensuring you the customer are succeeded always.

Contact us Today!

We are commited to serving all of your customer needs. Please contact us directly to succeed repairing your K-Links back to full safe working order.
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