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K-Link Sling Models
The K-Link Slings can be in lengths of 6 inch, 1 foot increments, 2 foot increments or a combination of 6 inch, 1 foot and 2 foot.
K-Link Slings
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K-Link Sling Models

K-Link Slings Model Working Load Limits

Vertical: W.L.L. Varies Choke: W.L.L. Varies Basket: W.L.L. Varies


K-Link Sling Models

About This Project

The K-Link Slings can be in lengths of multiple different increments. They can be placed in any order you wish with in the total length of a sling.

K-Links can also be combined with longer length links such as a 4′ Link or a 10′ Link along with 1′ links attached to them for adjustment of lengths in one K-Links series of Slings.